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Schloss Wildegg

Effingerweg 5

5103 Möriken-Wildegg

There are different ways to get to the castle.
Getting there by car is very easy and there are also some parking spaces on site.
You can also travel by public transport, with the 
Bus lines 380 and 381 to the Schloss Wildegg stop from Wildegg train station.



We will organize taxis to the various hotels or cities (Aarau/Lenzburg) after the party. So that everyone can find their place to sleep safely.


We have listed various hotels in the nearby area if you need support to find a good solution for you.

  • Hotel Ochsen Lenzburg 3 * – 170 CHF double room
    (Lenzburg - 4 km to the location)

  • Mercure Lenzburg Krone 4 * – 160 CHF double room (Lenzburg - 3.7 km to the location)

  • Aarauerhof - Self Check-in – 140 CHF double room
    (Aarau – 9.6 km to the location)

  • Hotel Kettenbrücke 4 * - 210 CHF double room
    (Aarau – 10 km to the location)

  • Trafo Hotel 3 * - 200 CHF double room
    (Baden – 12 km to the location)

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