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The first encounter occurred, as fate would have it, at a beach volleyball tournament. The scene couldn't be more relevant to the present: During lunch, Leon cleverly juggled the ball, and Laura gave him the well-intentioned warning to pay attention. But as fate would have it, the ball flew straight towards Laura's pasta salad, which then found its way onto the floor and even onto Laura's lap.

A year later, our shared path took us to the Sport-Kanti in Aarau. After countless lessons in French for Leon, we became a couple just a year later. The romantic engagement took place eight years later in Wiesbaden, and another two years later we arrived in the present.

You all watched us grow up and go through ups and downs together.

Now we stand before you, ready to celebrate our love at our wedding. Let's have fun together and experience an unforgettable day.

With a lot of love 


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